Financial Operations & Accountability Foundations, or "Finance 101", provides key learnings for the financial side of United Way's work.

Learn from United Way Finance experts about the principles of financial operational excellence for United Ways. Hear and explore the membership requirements, discuss and examing methods for risk management. Look into the IRS Form 990 and the audit process. 

Join in with other new United Way colleagues for this four-module course and build a network you can use now and into the future!

Register today for 2023 offerings, offered twice in 2023 for new Finance professionals to join in and hone their craft. See the full schedule below. 




This program is excellent for United Way Finance and Operations professionals of all levels, especially those new to the role or mission of United Way. 



Standard Participant registration is $150 per person. 
International (outside of US and Canada) Participant registration is $75 per person.

Flexible Credit Eligible
This program is Flexible Credit eligible. 


This virtual program is four 4-hour modules of live classroom instruction. Plan for a robust and engaging experience that will provide you with knowledge and skills with a journey map (made by you) for your United Way career. Each module is from 1-5pm Eastern Time. 

Spring Fall
Module 1: February 27      Module 1: November 13
Module 2: March 1 Module 2: November 15    
Module 3: March 6 Module 3: November 27
Module 4: March 8 Module 4: November 29
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The purpose of Finance 101 is to ensure all new United Way Finance professionals have the same understanding of basic financial concepts and unique United Way (financial) needs and processes.  It provides at minimum a line-of-sight into things every United Way financial professional needs to know.

This program is not a basic finance course or applicable to non-United Way finance professionals. 

Course topics include:
Membership Requirement A - IRS Form 990 
Pledge processing 
Donor designations
Risk Management 
Internal controls 
Membership Requirement H - Audited Financial Statements 
And so much more! 





I needed this. It's a great overview and practice on the basics of United Way Finance. A good refresher but also correct answers on how to do this work.

We have a lot of requirements to ensure the integrity of our financial systems. This course gave great, practical advice on how to do just that.



There's a lot of great content and practice included. I walked away with lots of new information and confidence in how to ensure good financial operations. 




The instructors were fantastic!