The United Way Executive Leadership Onboarding program consists of 3 key components:

1. Orientation Session (within first 30 days)

For the very newest executive leaders, United Way Worldwide is committing to ensuring you have dedicated resources and support to make sure your first month in your role goes smoothly.

This orientation will give you a chance to meet the UWW Engagement Director for your region and will highlight some of the most critical “need to know” resources. Registration is not required for this session, your Engagement Director will contact you to set this up. 

For more information on the program, please email


2. Program Kickoff (within first 90 days)

Within the first 90 days of starting the job, the onboarding program begins with a kickoff event that familiarizes participants with the history of United Way and the resources available for the new CEO. This session will also introduce the Modern United Way blueprint and ground participants in key topics so they can fully jump into the program and maximize their experiences in the quarterly workshops, which will be previewed at this time. 


3. Quarterly Workshops (first 12 months)

After attending the program kickoff, leaders are invited to attend an in-depth workshop every quarter for 12 months that will explore the role of the United Way CEO in leading the modern United Way in these areas:  

  • Community Leadership (February) 
  • Understanding and Engaging with Your Community (May) 
  • Ensuring an Excellent Customer Experience to Generate Revenue (August) 
  • Developing a Strong Organizational Foundation (October)  

Through a mixture of engaging presentations and experiential case studies and scenarios, new executives will gain knowledge from these sessions on the workings of the modern United Way and executive actions that will drive positive change. Through these workshops, participants will apply a growth mindset to address the unique challenges faced by United Way CEOs.   

We also invite all members of the program to participate in brief check-in calls between quarterly sessions to address the challenges they face in executing their learnings. 


We're here to help! Contact us anytime with questions about the New Executive Leadership Onboarding.