Selling Through Curiosity is a sales methodology focused on understanding our corporate partners' needs. It is a virtual classroom program that uses on-demand content, live coaches, and collaboration across the Local United Way network to go beyond theory and immediately impact attitudes, skills and selling effectiveness.

The training is focused on how to have better conversations with our corporate partners and refine our skills in understanding their needs so we can provide better solutions. Philanthropy Cloud is referenced in some of the storyline excercises, but no knolwedge of Philanthropy Cloud is required.

The program takes place on Fridays, over the course of 5 half-day sessions. 

New Dates coming in 2022!




This program is excellent for United Way professionals of all skill levels, especially those who hold a customer-facing role. 



There is NO cost to participate in this virtual program.


This virtual program is 5 half-days of live, virtual classroom instruction and practice from 11am to 3pm Eastern Time
(8am -12pm PT/ 10am-2pm CT).
Additionally, plan to complete 1-2 hours of required pre-work before each class is held. 

We recognize that schedules are very busy and this program carries a large time commitment, but we ask that if you register, you commit to doing the prework and attending each session for the entire training.
If this is not possible, please do not register until a later cohort.


2021 Schedule:
       November 5: Discovery, note taking, qualification

                                 November 12: Decision making process, advanced questioning

      November 19: Elevator pitch, objection handling

    December 3: Custom presentation, negotiation

                                    December 10: Mutual plans, Relationship Building Extras, closing



"Just want to say that four hours seemed to be so daunting, but I feel like time is passing by quickly, which means that this is a super engaging session!"


"Based on our discovery, we were able to use the customer's words to anticipate and overcome objections before they were raised."

"The training is more than just sales training, but the deepening of relationships which really stuck with me."


"Because of this training, I had the courage to tell my teammates we did not know enough information to provide a proposal for a very large customer, and asked them for an additional meeting to learn more."