To remain competitive in the philanthropic marketplace, United Way must leverage its full impact potential by strengthening tactical alignment across the network. The New Presidents Forum, an annual onboarding program designed for United Way’s newest leaders, welcomes CEOs and executive directors into the organization with a comprehensive overview of United Way’s culture, priorities and strategic direction. The Forum reviews strategies for implementing the Modern United Way business model, a guiding blueprint that empowers United Way leadership to adapt to market shifts and execute bold, impact-driven initiatives. Sessions emphasize collaboration, corporate engagement, data-driven solutions and innovation—core themes of the Modern United Way that will ensure the successful future of the network. New United Way leaders will learn key leadership competencies, enabling them to put their fresh perspectives into action and further the transformation of United Way.



Designed exclusively for our newest leaders, the New Presidents Forum invites United Way CEOs and executive directors who stepped into their roles with the past 24 months to participate in this excellent opportunity to cultivate strong leadership skills, network with peers and learn more about United Way’s enterprise-wide business strategy.

“This event was perfect timing for me […]. I am far enough in that I know what our issues are and where we need help as we build a stronger organization but not too far that I’ve already started initiatives and begun making major changes. I’m so grateful to the UWW presenters and their knowledge and ability to relate that to all of us regardless of community or campaign size. Meeting everyone face-to-face and hearing them speak with a high level of experience and passion helped ensure my confidence in the direction of the organization overall and the assistance received by my organization specifically.”


"It was a wonderful conference and has energized me to return home and create, with our team, the best United Way in the world!"


As you plan, keep in mind that this event is eligible for flexible credit use! Check out the flexible credit policy (United Way Online access required) for details about flexible credits. 

If you started your role as president or executive director within the last year and your United Way has any expiring flexible credits, you are eligible to receive an extension for these credits. You can check to see if credits are expiring on your flexible credit report, and you can find the request form to submit to extend any expiring credits in the flexible credit policy (United Way Online access required).


January 7-9, 2020

Mary Gates Learning Center, Alexandria, Virginia



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