This Certification Course is designed to provide a comprehensive training for mid-level Officers. Developed and crafted by our trusted partners, Veritus Group, this course will focus on how to excel in creating meaningful relationships with donors, how to properly move donors in and out of mid-level, and how to drive increased net revenue for the organization.

Delivered onDemand through 8-modules, participants who complete the program will be eligible to receive 36 CFRE points. 

This course allows you to progress at your own pace through each module on any day and at any time that is most convenient for you.

Learn strategies to set-up, execute, and manage your mid-level caseload from Veritus' Founding Partner instructors, plus access to coaches with deep expertise in mid-level fundraising. 

Registration information and dates for 2024 will be announced soon!




This program is designed for United Way fundraising professionals currently serving as Directors or VPs of Development, Executive Directors, or other managerial fundraising roles.

Free of charge (January 1- December 31, 2024)  - Participation will be limited.



This virtual program is comprised of 8 modules focused on major giving. The entire program is offered within a 13-week window so that all participants are given the opportunity to progress at their own pace and take breaks as needed. It is uniquely designed to ensure that the material is absorbed thoroughly and retained, by limiting your completion to no more than one module per week. 

All modules are designed to require approximately 3-5 hours to complete. This time is recommended for readings, podcasts, webinars and application assignments. In addition to the required material, you'll have the opportunity to participate in a series of live Zoom calls with your class and facilitator, giving you the opportunity to connect with your peers in the Network who are moving through the material and living many of the same experiences at their local United Ways. The Zoom series' schedule is determined by availability of the class. Though recommended, they are not mandatory and are recorded so you may go back and listen at any time. 


  • The importance of the donor pipeline and the rol mid-level plays in a healthy pipeline
  • Identifying donor attrition and value attrition, why we believe donors leave, and how a mid-level program can impact this trend
  • The right structure and performance metrics for a mid-level program
  • Setting the right boundaries for MLOs
  • Creating a culture of philanthropy that is focused on creating a system where donors can give to their capacity
  • The qualities and skillsets that are most successful in MLOs and how to develop your areas of growth
  • How to identify donor passions and interests using open-ended questions


By attending Mid-Level Fundraisingng Certification Course, you may be eligible to receive 36 points from the Certified Fund Raising Executive International (CFRE) (subject to approval and change by CFRE).

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