United Way Worldwide, part of the network of more than 1800 United Ways around the world, is proud to offer a range of programs to build your team’s skills, develop your United Way’s performance and strengthen our global network.  Our team of learning and event experts works with leaders throughout the network to develop and deliver compelling programs, designed to prepare you in our fight for the health, education and financial stability of every person in every community.

Coming together as a network to learn, share and rejuvenate is an essential part of delivering our impact in communities around the world. Conferences, events and learning solutions allow for the sharing of best practices through a multitude of formal and informal networking opportunities that strengthen us as an interdependent network. Together, these learning solutions and events provide the opportunity for United Ways and their partners to transform lives and communities and inspire millions of people to give, advocate and volunteer.

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Many courses and conferences have been affected due to the impact of COVID-19. For more details on cancellations and postponements, please reference this page

Additionally, given the announcement of the change in dues structure to support the network transformation, and given the impact of COVID-19 on in-person gatherings, United Way Worldwide has decided to suspend all learning courses through the end of this year to reevaluate our offerings. A temporary hold on 2020 learning courses will give us time to improve our current offerings and create new training opportunities that align with the Modern United Way model and advance our transformation work. This suspension will impact the following programs:

  • Donor Centered Fundraising
  • Donor Centered Fundraising for CEOs
  • Onboard United! Overview of United Way

This announcement does not apply to conferences or leadership development programs such as ALP, EDLP and LEAD. For information on other conferences and courses still on the schedule for 2020, please visit the Upcoming Events tab.




The Conferences & Event Solutions team is here to provide you with all the tools and resources you need to make the greatest impact in your local community! With colleagues from across the United Way Worldwide team and from around the global United Way network, our team designs conferences and events to train, develop, motivate and inspire your staff. Our biennial United Way Community Leadership and Impact Conference brings together corporate leaders with our global network of community impact executives to harness our collective resources in the fight for stronger communities around the world. Most of our programs are designed for those who are part of the United Way network - local United Way staff, volunteers, advocates, donors and more. Unless otherwise noted, attendance is not restricted.


In order to best accommodate the schedules, budgets, learning styles and needs of United Way staff throughout the network, we customize content in a variety of formats. Below you’ll see some of the formats we’re currently offering.


Offered on an annual or biennial basis, United Way CONFERENCES bring together United Way staff and volunteers for professional training, networking and opportunities to strengthen relationships with corporate partners. Our in-person and virtual conferences deliver curated content designed for both cross-functional and specialized audiences. While our conferences cover a wide range of topics, the Modern United Way business model serves as a unifying framework to drive network alignment and shared transformation. Plenary and breakout sessions address the critical success factors of the Modern United Way and provide strategies for implementation.


United Way offers exclusive leadership development opportunities to our high-performing and high-potential staff who are committed to building their career at United Way. LEADERSHIP PROGRAMS identify and train our exceptional CEOs, senior leaders and mid-career professionals within the network, positioning them to take on expanded leadership responsibilities in the future. These year-long intensive programs consist of learning sessions, self-assessments and executive coaching to cultivate strong leaders who are not only dedicated to our mission, but also have the core leadership competencies to executive impact-driven initiatives. Prospective participants must be nominated by either their CEO or team's Vice President or C-Suite leader (or Board Chair for CEOs).


are in-person and virtual programs that provide cross-functional and specialized training. We have designed learning opportunities for all stages of your career: whether you are new, mid-career or senior in the organization, learning courses are available to help you meet your professional goals. Most learning courses are offered multiple times in the calendar year and range in size from 10 to 30 participants.


United Way organizes DONOR EVENTS to engage and retain our major gift donors. These events are designed to create a sense of community through shared philanthropic values and inspire donors to continue supporting our mission with their donations.


are internal business gatherings of senior staff, board volunteers and CEOs across the network designed to strengthen network engagement and performance. Meeting participants advise on network-wide strategy and collaborate to both identify and resolve business challenges. Many meetings are by invitation only and may be visible only to invited participants.


Hosted online by functional area experts, WEBINARS are primarily informational presentations that cover topics relevant to staff of specific functional areas. Click here to view upcoming webinars.

Check out our list of upcoming programs here.